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Found a workout website that I love! Fitness is important but something I don’t always make time for.

Between work, house work, volunteer activities and trying to be crafty, I have found it difficult to force myself to work out. I hemmed my yoga pants, I would actually like to use them for yoga and not just lounging on the couch. I even knitted a headband for running in colder weather and I might have said “no more excuses” I found plenty not to venture out into cold.  Booya Fitness brings professional trainers to my living room! It’s pretty cheap at $10/month. It has four workout categories: cardio, bootcamp, strength and toning and yoga. Now I can “retire” the winter headband and use my yoga pants for their real purpose! And  I don’t have to leave my house!

I was pretty excited to find Booya Fitness and thought I’d spread the word!

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