Favorite Fourth of July Dog Outfits

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I’ve complied a list of my favorite Fourth of July dog outfits! Your dog deserves to get in on the fun this holiday brings!

4thdressThis is an adorable dress that will make your girl the life of any barbecue!








This tank top is great! It has some sparkle and comes in a wide arrange of colors.





collarcoverFor a bit more subdued look, this collar cover is great to get your dog dressed up for the day’s activities without worrying about your dog getting too hot.





61iMtXyUZOL._SL1500_If you’re not a fan of bows, maybe this collar cover will suit your pup for the Fourth of July.






tieMaybe everyone needs to dress up for your holiday activities, this tie is the perfect accessory for your dog.





DogTies-RedWBlue-300You can’t go wrong with a classic bow tie.





bandana This reversible bandana is great for any holiday function.





funcollarThis Smoochers collar is full of fun and sass.






pulloverThese pullovers are fun and casual.






sweaterThis sweater will keep your pup warm throughout the evening.

2014 St. Patrick’s Day Dog Outfits

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I have created a list of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day dog outfits.

st patricks day

This cute t-shirt by Canine Causal that says “Kiss Me I’m Irish!


This green harness is a cute and functional way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


This adorable bandana says “Lucky Charm” and is a great way to celebrate without your dog having to wear a lot of clothes.

st patricks day

This dog barrette is a cute addition to any dog’s wardrobe.

st. patricks day

Turn your pup into a leprechaun with this adorable costume.

st patricks day

This cute headband from Old Navy will be sure to get you and your dog in the spirit.

st patricks day

For those still having cold weather, this shamrock fleece is just perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day dog outfit!

st patricks dayOr if you aren’t into fleece maybe your pup can wear this cute knit shamrock sweater.

reflective dog leash

How to Sew a Reflective Dog Leash, Revisited.

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Awhile ago I made a reflective dog leash for Rusty. It served  us well but Rusty got a new collar and the buckle on the leash was too small for the ring. So it was time to redo his leash. I’m using the same leash with  nylon webbing and a clip I picked up from Ragged Mountain, a store in North Conway, NH.

reflective dog leash

First thing I did was seam rip the old buckle off and remove the pieces of reflective tape that remained.

Next I hand stitched the new clip in place. I decided to sew by hand because the webbing is very thick and I don’t know how my machine would handle it. I don’t have a lot of needles to pick from, so I went with a crewel hand needle. I’m not even sure why I have these but they were in my sewing kit. The webbing is thick and stiff so it took awhile to sew.

I then cut 2, ½inch wide by 4 inch long reflective fabric tape to replace the old tape. I then stitched one on the bottom of the leash near the clasp and one near the handle of the leash. My stitching for the reflective tape is terrible. I’d like to say that I am a perfectionist and will redo it but I know I won’t. Feel free to judge. 🙂

reflective dog leash

Now it’s time to take Rusty out on a walk and enjoy the new leash.

Favorite Dog Halloween Costumes 2013

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Didn’t have time to create your pup a costume for Halloween? Or just didn’t want to? No worries.

Here is a list of my favorite dog Halloween costumes for this year.

dog halloween costume



1. This wooly mammoth costume by Animal Planet (found on Amazon) is beyond words for how cute it is!



dog halloween costume



2. This Yoshi costume from the Etsy shop PlayfulPup is perfect for the dog owner who also loves Mario Brothers!




dog halloween costume




3. “There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!” Turn your pup into a super hero with this Underdog costume by Rasta Imposta.


dog halloween costume



4. Turn your pup into a nurse this year to help you feel better after all of the candy you ate. Costume at Posh Puppy Boutique and Amazon.



halloween dog costume




5. Transform your pup into Waldo’s best friend with this adorable costume by Elope Inc.




dog halloween costume



6. Another super hero option, Bat Dog! This great costume by Rubie’s Costume Co. can help your dog fight crime, or just look he’s going to.



dog halloween costume



7. I just love this Snow White costume! A Disney princess is such a good idea!




dog halloween costume



8. This cupcake costume found at Target and Amazon is cute enough to eat! Who doesn’t love cupcakes?




dog halloween costume



9. This cow costume found at Trixie + Peanut  and Amazon is adorable.




halloween dog costume



10. Last costume on the list is this gorgeous blue butterfly costume from the Etsy Shop Hope’s Bonetique. You and your pet will definitely be the center of attention wherever you go this Halloween.


10 Adorable Homemade Halloween Dog Costumes

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Here is a list of my 10 favorite homemade dog costumes that will be perfect for Halloween. Click on the links or pictures for instructions on how to make one of these great costumes for your furry baby.

lion mane dog costume

1. Lion



Turning your dog into a lion always seems to be a popular and oh so cute choice! This is my dog Rusty, he has two different lions’ manes. Version 1 is a pretty simple a quick mane. Version 2, shown in the picture, is little more complicated but adds some volume to the mane the first version lacked. But I think Rusty looks good in both.




dog costume

2. Dracula


This adorable Dracula cape comes from Mimi & Tara Dog Clothes Patterns. There are multiple sizes for this costume available. So dogs of all sizes can wear it. Just make sure your dog doesn’t bite. 🙂 There’s also a pumpkin pattern for your pup on this site.




dog costume

3. Dinosaur



This cute little dinosaur tank comes from Martha Stewart. It’s the perfect little costume to make your pup the hit of the party.




dog costume

4. Walrus


I immediately smiled when I saw this walrus costume on Instructables. It’s the perfect statement dog costume. I would really love to see a video of this cute pup walking in this costume. It makes me happy just thinking about it.



dog costume

5. Hula Dog



I imagine matching dog parent and dog costumes with this Hula outfit from Celebrating Halloween, it would be cute! The hula outfit is a classic and after Halloween, this too cute costume is the perfect excuse to have a Luau.




make a bird costume dog

6. Bird


This is my Rusty modeling a parrot costume I made him. Lots of feathers meant a lot of the work but it was completely worth it.



dog costume

7. M&M



This tasty and easy to create M&M costume by Love to Sew Studio is perfect. It’s because you can easily change the color of the candy. If you prefer fruit flavored candy instead of chocolate, put an ‘S’ for a Skittles costume!




dog costume

8. Pirate



This cute pirate costume comes from Make: Craft. This costume is actually two pieces. So it’s a nice bonus having new shirt and pants patterns for your pooch.



dog costume

9. Harry Potter



Turn your dog into Harry Potter, or should I say Hairy Potter? Okay wow, that was terrible. Sorry I didn’t attempt a pun on the pirate costume. I’ll leave the jokes to the professionals. But this cute costume comes from All Free Holiday Crafts.




dog costume

10. Chia Pet



This Chia Pet costume from The Flirty Blog is just hilarious. If you want to make sure you and your dog are the center of attention this would be the perfect costume. This blog also has other dog costume ideas.

shirt collar

How to Make a Shirt Collar for a Dog

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dog shirt collar

I decided Rusty needed another piece for his work wardrobe. So I decided to make his a shirt collar. I have a pattern for it. But the easiest way, I think, for someone to make it at home is to use an old collared shirt you don’t want anymore and take apart that collar for the pattern. Or if you use my pattern, please note the sizing of 14.5inch neck and adjust the printing size accordingly. Also there is a lot of ironing for this pattern. Yes, it is annoying but taking the time to properly press each piece will end in much cleaner results and make sewing much easier.


Things you need:

  • fabric, preferably cotton
  • interfacing
  • matching thread
  • if you’re like me, a sewing machine that can make a button-hole because I don’t know how to do it by hand.
  • button

1. Place, pin and cut out fabric and interfacing pattern pieces.


2. Apply interfacing B to Fabric A leaving about ¼ inch of fabric at the top of A.

3. Apply interfacing D to fabric C leaving about ¼ inch of fabric at the bottom of C.

shirt collar

4. On pieces, A and B fold over and press raw edges on 3 sides, leaving the bottom as is.

5. Pin together A and B, right sides out, and sew with a ¼ inch top stitch and the 3 sides you’ve pressed the edges.

6. On pieces C and D fold over about ¼ inch and press all four sides.

7. Center AB in between C and D and pin all the layers together, right sides out.

8. Stitch around all four sides of C and D, encasing AB in between the layers making one piece.

9. Position and mark where the button-hole should be, and use your machines button-hole foot to create the button-hole. If you don’t have a machine that can do that click here to learn how to do it by hand.

10. Sew on the button.

shirt collarshirt collar

11. Put it on your pooch and enjoy!

shirt collarshirt collar


Hopefully your dog will enjoy it more than Rusty because he looks scared in these pictures 🙁


Favorite Patriotic Dog Outfits

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Fourth of July is another fun holiday to dress up your furry baby and take them to parades and barbecues. But if your dog is anything like my Rusty, you have to take them home before the fireworks because fireworks are scary. I’ve picked a few of my favorite patriotic dog outfits for the occasion.

fourthofjulydog This adorable outfit is the perfect for your pup! It can be found on Amazon or Rubies Costume Co.








patriotic dog

pat2aThese matching his and her dog outfits from The Pet Boutique are just perfect for your little lady and gentleman.








patriotic dog This bow is oh so cute even a person could wear it! It from the Yuppy Puppy Boutique and is the perfect accessory for your lady.




patriotic dog

Like the bow, this is a great way to dress up your pup without putting on a lot of extra material if it tends to get too hot where you live. Also, it attaches with a clip! So you don’t have to tie it. It can be found on Amazon.







patriotic dogAnother way to keep them cool but still dress up are these cute stars and stripes collars by Bloomingtails Dog Boutique.





patriotic dogYour handsome little gentleman will never be turned away from a party in this collar and bow tie found at Muttropolis.








patriotic dogThis is a great simple and chic dress for your little lady. It can be found at Cassie’s Closet.










I have never seen a dog in a swimsuit before but when I saw this when I was online shopping I knew I had to include it! It’s just too cute for your little lady! Found on Amazon.







This is for the more practical. It’s a great backpack for your dog. Now you don’t need to carry a purse around! Just don’t lose your dog. Perfect for a day out. This backpack can be found at PupRwear Dog Boutique.

dog tank top

How to Make a Tank Top for a Dog

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dog tank topMy husband was getting rid of an old pair of athletic shorts and I saw them and thought that would be a cute dog tank top. Let’s face it, I have a difficult time coming up with things that aren’t costumes for Rusty. But this tank top is the perfect summer athletic shirt for him. Even if he didn’t seem too impressed with it, I like it.

dog tank top

Rusty checking out the shorts.

First thing I did was cut off the top of the shorts right below where the tired elastic and draw string are. Next thing I did was seam rip the two legs apart.

dog tank top

Next, I folded the fabric in half and pinned it closed. Then I took a tank top I had with large arm holes and measured Rusty and it to make sure it would work as a pattern for him and traced the lines for the arm holes and neck.

dog tank topThen I cut out the pattern and placed the fabric inside out. I pinned and sewed the shoulder seams together. I used a jersey needle in my sewing machine because I found the universal needle was too rough on the nylon fabric. I then tried it on Manne to check fit and how I wanted to velcro it shut.

dog tank top

Manne the model

It might not be very noticeable in the picture, but I made this tank top to where one of Rusty’s leg has to go through a hole and then his head goes through the neck hole and it velcro to make the other leg hole and close the shirt. I did it this way so couldn’t shake it off.

Next I folded over and pressed all unfinished edges, and then folded them over again to encase the raw edges and sewed the seam.

To finish I took some fusible velcro, cut to the right size, and ironed them on to correct spots. I used a pressing cloth for this because the iron needed to be set to a steam setting. All that there was left for me to do was to have Rusty model it.


dog tank top

Model shot

dog tank top

He’s about had it.

dog tank top

He’s over it.





make a bird costume dog

How to Make a Bird Costume for a Dog

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make a bird costume dog

I wanted to make a fun bird costume for Rusty for a while now. I just had no clue how. I decided to make it up as I went a long.

First I scribbled all over a few pieces of paper trying to work out in my head how to do this. I went with a red dyed body, which turned out pink, made of muslin with paint, and fabric pastels to color the face and glued the feathers to the muslin.

Here’s the Pattern for the body. It’s my very first time creating a pattern!  Well all I did was draw  half of the pattern on the fold of the muslin. I didn’t think I could make it exact on both sides. Then I went over it in a dark marker and traced it onto paper. Hopefully it can be easily followed.

Rusty’s measurements for this were:

  • top of the head to base of the tail: 29 inches
  • middle top of head down to mid neck (for head of parrot): 7 inches
  • middle of back down to top of front paw: 17½ inches
  • length I wanted tail feathers that would start as base of tail: 7 inches

I made the head of the bird to sit more on Rusty’s neck instead of on top of his head because he hates wearing clothes but hates it even more to have things on his head, so I decided to be nice.


  • 1 1/3 yards of dyed muslin, 45″ wide or red cotton fabric
  • matching thread
  • fabric dye sticks
  • fabric paint
  • feathers
  • fabric glue, such as Scotch Maximum Strength Adhesive or E-6000
  • 1/4″ elastic
  • velcro
  • sewing machine
  • iron and board


1. Wash and press fabric

2.  Cut out pattern, Pin to fabric and cut

3. Cut out 4 ~ 14″L x 2″W strips, length may very depending on size of your dog, these are for the velcro straps to go on their belly.

4.  On 2 of the 4 pieces, plan out and attach velcro according the package directions, I used Fabric Fusion velcro, I ended up using 4 pieces of velcro because my first measurements were a bit off. Guess the saying is true, “measure twice, cut once” or something like that

5. Pin right sides together and sew three sides of the pieces together, (2 long sides and 1 short side). Turn inside out, so velcro is on the outside.

6. Sew the velcro pieces onto the body piece and then try it on your puppy to make sure it fits.

7. Next do a zig zag stitch around the edge of the body piece.

make a bird costume dog

Velcro and Elastic

8. Cut 2, 1 3/4 inch long pieces of elastic. With a tight zig zag stitch, attach to wing/arms parts of the body piece. You want to place them so they are above where the legs bend so it doesn’t affect how they walk.

make a bird costume

trying it on

9. With Dye Sticks, draw on eyes and follow package directions to set it. Sewing on felt eyes would also be a cute idea, giving the costume more texture.

10.Lay the bird on some cardboard or newspaper and carefully paint on beak.

make a bird costume dog

eyes and beak

11. While the paint is drying, lay out the feathers on the pattern piece before you attach them to make sure you have enough and to allow you to figure out how you’d like your feathers to be arranged. Take a picture so you remember your pattern.

make a bird costume dogmake a bird costume dog



12. Next thing I did was put a tiny piece of cardboard between the elastic straps and the fabric just in case my glue bled through the fabric. I then started gluing my feathers onto the fabric starting with the bottom and working my way up. I started a new row by lining up the end of the feathers to the end of the quills so the quills wouldn’t show. I also let the feathers hang over the edge of the fabric. At the top row, I cut off the quill and applied the glue to the base of the feather. Then I let the glue sit over night before trying it on Rusty to make sure adhesion to the fabric.

make a bird costume dog

starting to glue

– Alternatively, you can sew the feathers on by pinning the rows, starting with the bottom row first like if you were gluing, to the fabric with a piece of tissue paper between the fabric and feathers and tearing away the tissue after they have been sewed on. This is probably the best choice to make sure the feathers don’t fall off but I decided to re-watch Glee season 1 and my sewing machine is not in my living room. 🙂

13. After the glue has dried, try it on and enjoy your adorable bird dog!

make a bird costumemake a bird costumemake a bird costume dog


make a bird costume dogmake a bird costume dog

make a bird costume dogmake a bird costume dog]make a bird costume dog


Valentine's day outfit

Top Ten Valentine’s Day Dog Clothes

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Even though Rusty isn’t a fan of clothes, I find dog clothes to be adorable and themed ones are even better. Normally I say “make your own, be creative” but that can’t happen all the time. So if you don’t have time to make a bandana, tutu, or stamp a heart onto a doggy shirt, no big deal!

Here is my ten favorite Valentine’s Day Dog Clothes:

valentine's day clothes Love Letter Collar

The perfect accessory, found on Amazon, for either gender and is for the pup who wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day without being loud about it.







valentine's day dog clothesThe Monkey Daze Heart and Arrow Dog Hoodie.

This adorable hoodie, complete with heart shaped ears, can be found at doggievogue.com and can be worn by both sexes and keep your puppy warm on the cold February mornings.





valentine's day dog clothes

Couture Velour Pajamas- Pink/Yellow Hearts

Who doesn’t love comfy PJs? These can be found at poshpuppyboutique.com



dog valentines day clothes

Be Mine Dog Tee


This tee is cute enough to eat! Can be found at Amazon and Jake’s Dog House.







valentine's day dog clothes

Hot Pink Tie Tee Shirt by Olivetini 

This is perfect for the doggy man in your life! Simple tee with a hot pink tie and he’s ready for Valentine’s Day. It can be found at yuppypuppyboutique.com.








valentine's day dog clothes

Black Tux Bib with Satin Bow Tie


This adorable tux bib and bow tie will keep your perfect gentleman all night. It can be found at  doggyduds.com








Red Sweet Heart Festive Dog Collar


This collar is perfect for your pup to make a grand entrance wherever she goes.








Full of Heart Tutu Dress


This tutu dress by East Side Collection and can be found on Amazon is adorable! Every girl should where a tutu at least once in their life.





Two Hearts Antenna 

This is for your pup with a goofy and heartwarming personality. It’s probably my favorite of the outfits, it can be found at LovADog.







Valentines day dog clothes Valentines Day dog ClothesThe last, and best model 🙂 for my favorite Valentine’s Day outfit is a simple bow tie from my husband’s closet. Rusty looks so handsome and ready for a night on the town.