knit kitchen mat

Knit Kitchen Mat

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I recently moved into a new apartment and along the way my old kitchen mat got thrown away. I was trying to decide whether to buy one or make one and then I saw the Rag Doily Rug on and knew I wanted it in my kitchen. I followed her rag yarn tutorial and the only thing I did different was use an old queen sheet set because I didn’t have a king size flat sheet and I didn’t want to buy one. Rusty really enjoyed the process of making the yarn or enjoyed getting in the way at least.

knit kitchen matIt was a really quick and fun process except for the part when I was watching a show and messed up and didn’t rip out enough stitches. But now mine is unique, right? That’s what I’ll tell myself. It was my first time knitting with rag yarn and using size 19 circular needles. I enjoyed using both. I’ve actually put it in the washer and dryer twice now and it still looks good! So happy with my special kitchen accessory.

knit kitchen mat